A Guide to Marketing Yourself for FREE in the Adult Business

Last Update: 06/10/2014

A Guide to Marketing Yourself for FREE in the Adult Business
by Powder White

Over the last 11 years, I’ve constantly met new performers coming in the adult business who, have questions about how to build their name in the adult market and continually growing their fan base during their career.

Most agents in the entertainment business will not make the effort to market their talent, due to the time that has to be invested in public relations. Also, it’s not the job of an agent to market talent. The job of an agent is to get talent legitimate work and make sure talent gets paid for that work. Nothing more.

Now, lets be honest for a minute. The majority of new talent in this business rarely want to put the time and effort into building a career in the entertainment industry. Some talent would rather go do their scene, then go home and call it a day or go out to party.

Also, There is a myth that marketing costs a ton of money (a common tale told by webmasters, to get as much money out of their clients as possible) but, that doesn’t have to be the case. Talent in adult or in any part of the entertainment business, can market themselves at a low cost and with a minimal amount of work per day.

Below are simple ways that talent can market themselves at little or no cost. The most these steps will cost you is a small amount of time.

1. Business e-mail: The very first thing you should set is an e-mail account. If your stage name/performing name is not available, add a “xxx” to the end and try again. For example, if your stage name is “Ashley Exotic”, the e-mail name would be “ashleyexoticxxx@email.com” You can do this for free through many various web based e-mail sites. I recommend using Google’s Gmail at its fast and allows for up to 20MB of file attachments per e-mail.

Use this business e-mail for ALL your dealings in the porn industry. It not only protects you’re real identity but, gives an easy address for people to remember. Also your stage name will be branded into the mind of those you correspond with for business, bookings, etc. Use this e-mail address to set up your Myspace, blog, etc. Avoid using your personal e-mail as much as possible.

2. Build a Facebook, Google+, Myspace and Twitter: If you don’t have one set up for your porn stage name, you are missing a huge marketing opportunity for yourself. There are several million potential customers to buy your scenes and market yourself to on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Use it to meet them and gain fans! If you have a Facebook, Myspace or Twitter set up for your private life, KEEP THEM SEPARATE. Do not link your industry talent Facebook, Myspace or Twitter to your personal account. Remember, protect your real name and personal information at all costs.

Make sure your Facebook and Myspace are set up for 18yrs or older and also set the profile to private/friends only. This will make it harder for both social networking website to have a reason to delete you. Keep your pictures very PG. Putting stars over your private parts does not mean you will not be deleted. The more R or X rated and adult your pictures, the higher chance you have of a profile flagged or deleted, due to someone reporting the image or because you violated a terms of service agreement on the website. Facebook should also be marked as private/friends only. Double check Facebook’s account settings to make sure that none of your contact information (real name, cell phone number, home address, etc) are displayed.

Check your Google+, Myspace, Twitter and Facebook often, at least twice a week if not more. Respond to comments and e-mails even if it’s with a “thank you for visiting my profile”. It makes you seem personable and will help you build a fan base.

3. Twitter: Currently the hottest of the social networking sites on the internet. Twitter is fast, easy to use and updated constantly.

Once you create a Twitter account, try to follow at least 100-150 twitter members from the adult industry to start. Porn Stars, glamour models and adult companies are recommended. I currently have over 1200 adult related twitter accounts I am following. You can visit my twitter account at twitter.com/powderxxx and browse the “following” list shown on my profile.

When using Twitter, comment or ask questions to twitter posts from the account you follow. This will help followers see your name when you are replied to by that person. This will help your own “followers” list grow over time.

At least twice a week, announce that you are available for work and how you can be booked. If you don’t have an agent, post that anyone interested in booking you for work, contact you through a twitter direct message (DM).

Make sure to check all individuals and companies who contact you online. Ask about past movies that have been shot, adult talent they have used and the web address of their website. Use Google and Yahoo to search/double check the information given to you. If they give you and attitude for asking questions, RUN away fast and hard! They are most likely not a legit company or content shooter.

4. Start a Blog: Most blog websites give you a free URL (web address) to refer others to your blog. It’s a FREE self contained website that easy to use. Until you launch an official website, this will eliminate the need to pay a webmaster and the cost of a monthly fee to a web hosting company.

These blog websites are completely free and only take about an hour (depending on how computer literate you are) to learn how to customize and configure. If you are asked “Do you have a website?”, you now will have a web address to give both industry professionals and fans. Another plus, is that you are now in control of the content you post on the internet.

There are several blog websites to choose to work with including Blogger.com (recommended), WordPress.com, Tumblr.com, Typepad.com, etc.

Maintaining a blog is easy and should be updated it at least two to three times a week (if not every day). You won’t need to spend hours and hours typing 500-700 word blog entries. Take 10-15 minutes out of your day and let your readers know when you are up to, what scene you just filmed or a industry party you attended. Its simple and easy plus, allows you to maintain a connection with fans, as well as build new ones. You can also contact other performers in the adult business, for a link exchange to help build visits/traffic to each others blogs or websites.

Once you launch your official website in the future, you will already have an established and dedicated fan base in place from your blog site. The blog will help drive traffic to your new website and lead to possible new membership conversations.

Blogger.com is the blog website I recommend because of the visitor and link tracking. The tracking allows you to see what websites your blog readers are coming from as well as which of your blog posts are the most popular. Blogger also is highly customize-able and offers several add-ons for blogs. Blogger.com has the option to mark a blog as “adult” which allows you to post nude photos of yourself (unlike WordPress and some other blog websites).

5. Make Business Cards: Business cards are a MUST. I recommend having two types of business cards. One set of cards for fans and one set for industry people you meet. The cards for fans should include the following: Your name, e-mail address and website.

For the industry professionals you wish to network with, the cards should include: Your name, cell phone number, e-mail address, website, agent/agency (if you have one) and what types of shoots you are available for (B/G, B/B/G, G/G, etc). Also having your picture on both sets of cards is recommended. This way, whomever you give the card to, will be able to put a face and body to your name for possible future projects.

Search the internet for card websites such as, Vistaprint.com or check your local yellow pages for stores to get business cards made. Also, call the local store and make sure the local store will print adult
related business information.

6. Youtube: As most people know YouTube.com is a video sharing website, where users can upload, view and share video clips. The site is incredibly popular with millions of people surfing the site at all hours of the day. While no adult or porn clips can be shown, you can use the website build your name and introduce yourself to a new online market.

First, sign up for a Youtube account under your stage name. If your name is taken, just add an “xxx” to the end of your name and try again. Once you’ve created a Youtube channel, you can customize the channel to your liking. Make sure to use your industry e-mail address when signing up. Again, protect your real identity at all costs.

You might be wondering what to put up on your Youtube channel. If you have a video camera or even can do cell phone video, then post behind the scenes clips from a shoot, a night out at an industry party or even yourself in different sexy dresses, asking fans which outfit they like best? Just remember to keep the video content you create, PG rated (no nudity) and Myspace/Facebook/Google+.

There are several point and shoot HD cameras on the market that retail for $80-$150. The Sony Bloggie Touch Camera, Kodak PlayFull/PlaySport, Creative Labs Vado HD and the FlipHD Ultra/Mino, are just a few of the brands currently available. The FLIP camera also includes its own FLIPshare software which allows you to edit video, add text & titles & post directly to a Youtube account. Amazon.com always has good deals on point and shoot HD cameras and webcams.

If you don’t have a video camera, you can always buy a webcam and do video blogging (aka vlogging). Several adult stars video blog or posting videos on Youtube such as Jessica Jaymes, Dana DeArmond, Nikki Benz, Tanya Tate, Keni Styles, Trina Michaels, Nicki Hunter, Angelina Castro, Ivan, Tara Lynn Foxx, Brittany Blaze, Trinity St Clair, Nikki Sexxx and Julia Bond.

Example Youtube LINKS:
Ivan – http://www.youtube.com/user/iamivanxxx
Tanya Tate – http://www.youtube.com/user/TanyaTateTube
Sarah Blake – http://www.youtube.com/user/sarahblakeinc
Trinity St Clair – http://www.youtube.com/user/MissTrinitystclair

Video blogging is useful in several ways. If you don’t like to type, not only can you post your video blog on Youtube but, then you can post the Youtube of your video blog on your Facebook/Myspace/Google+, as well as on your blogging website. That is three places on the ‘net now that fans can find you and view the videos you post. That is three sites to help you build a fan base.

The videos you create do not have to be 8-10 minutes. For video blogging, between 2 to 4 minutes is a good length to make your videos. Videos can be as simple pointing the camera at yourself and saying “Hi guys, I’m on my way to shoot for (company name) and I get to work with (performer name). I’m really excited and I hear (he/she) are a lot of fun to work with. Oh and make sure to check me out on Twitter at twitter.com/(your twitter account) and on facebook/myspace/Google+ at Facebook.com/(your Facebook address). Bye for now!”. That is just a quick example of video blogging.

You can use a simple editing program like Windows Movie Maker to add your name, as well as your Twitter/Facebook, e-mail and blog website address at the end on the video. Simply adding websites where people can find you online can help drive traffic to your Myspace and to your blog website.

For a good quality webcam, I recommend a Logitech 1080p Webcam Pro C910 which is priced between $50-$70 or the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p HD for $40 from Amazon.com. These webcams should provide a clear picture to video blog through. Remember, you want your audience to see you so make sure when recording, your picture quality is as clear as possible. Also, the better you’re lighting, the better quality of picture you will have when recording.

Webcams can be found at FRYS, Wall-Mart, Best Buy or any local computer store.

Youtube is still an untapped market by most of the adult industry. Few adult stars and companies post on mainstream tube sites due to the restriction of adult material but, with a little time and creativity, you can make a mainstream site like Youtube work for you.

Remember, don’t wait or rely on anyone else to help you build your name in this business. You have all the tools right at your fingertips and you just have to use them.

Thank you for reading and good luck.
Powder White

Utilizing Twitter for the Industry Professional

Utilizing Twitter for the Industry Professional
By Powder White

Twitter is currently one of the biggest social networking tools on the web. It can be great for making new contacts, keeping up on current events and creating new work for yourself, instead of waiting for an agent to promote you… if you know how to use it.

One of the biggest complaints I hear about using Twitter is “I don’t know what to say”, which if you look at what most twitter posts involve, is understandable. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you grow your twitter following and gain more work by doing so.

1. Be Positive: As a person in the adult business, you know that perception of your “character/persona” by fans is what helps sell your scenes and movies.

The same applies to the Twitter audience. They want to read about how “fantastic” the life of a porn person is. Not about every day problems we all suffer through. Twitter is not real life. It’s yet another fantasy world for people to escape into. Treat it as such and use the site for what it is: as a way to promote yourself.

Make your posts enjoyable for people to encourage them to keep checking your Twitter for new tweets.

Two excellent accounts you can view for an example of the proper use of Twitter are: Sophie Dee http://twitter.com/sophiedee & Vicky Vette http://twitter.com/vickyvette

2. Reply and Respond: The best way to build up your “followers” on twitter is to reply to tweets directed to you or to give someone a reason to respond to a tweet you posted. The more people who see what you wrote/tweeted, the better the chance of gaining a new follower.

Replying to what others post even if not directed to you, no matter if it is a post they made or a photo they tweeted, may cause them to reply to you. If so, their followers see they are speaking to you and will be inclined to look at your profile and possibly start following you. This will help grow your followers. No matter how much you read and reply, it takes time to build up followers. Don’t get frustrated or give up after a few days. It will take several months for hundreds of people to follow you. There is no short cut.

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to directors, producers or other talent. Take the first step.

3. Promote Yourself: Twitter is first and foremost a promotion tool. Don’t be afraid to promote yourself. Promote what agency you are with or where your followers can find you online. Post how you can be booked for shoots/work. Post links to your website, facebook, youtube, your blog, myspace, etc.

BUT, remember to balance your promotion/links of yourself with replying and responding to others. No one enjoys having their twitter filled with links/promo over and over again. You don’t have to promo yourself every day, unless you have a big event coming up. I do advise, at least posting twice a week how you can be booked for work.

Also, your first message when contacting someone on Twitter, should never be “Hire Me!” or “Follow Me!”. Twitter users find these tweets annoying or rude and will ignore you. Introduce yourself to the person first. Wait for a response. Start a dialog. Then ask them to follow you back.

4. Post cell phone photos of yourself, working on set and places you are visiting: I recommend using Twitpic, yfrog, Twitgoo or Sexypeak. Check to see which service allows adult photos or your account might be banned due to violating the services terms of service.

Post flattering photos of yourself a couple times a week. Post question with the photos, asking for opinions on sexy outfits you have. Show off what you are wearing on set. Post a chest/face picture with cleavage showing. I advised not to post full nude pics constantly. Twice a week for posting a nude photo is more then enough.

Why? Make your followers want to see more of you. Don’t give everything away for free. Why would they want to go buy scene or a clip from your clip store, when you are giving it for free?

5. Promote Companies/Websites/Talent that you work with: When a company/director/talent sees that you promote a scene you were in, they are more likely to hire you back for more work. They want promotion for their product as much as you do.

Posting something as simple as, “I had a blast working with @EvanStone for @Brazzers! Wait till you guys see it!” can encourage others in the industry to read/reply and possible hire you to work for them.

Hopefully these tips will help you get started into building your twitter and followers. Just remember, consistency is the key. The more consistent your tweets, the better chance to have of gaining interest in your twitter.

Thank you for reading and good luck.
Powder White

Seven Tips For New Adult Performers

Tips For New Adult Performers
by Powder White

1. Save your money: Every month make sure you have food in your fridge, bills and rent paid first and foremost. Save 50% minimum of what you earn from each shoot. Many new performers are taken by surprise when work eventually slows down, spending all the money they earn, with out saving a dime. Bookings and shoots WILL slow down at some point in your career. Be prepared.

2. Get a savings account: Put your money in the bank. The less accessible money is, the less likely you are to readily spend it. This will also allow you to keep track of your finances in a more organized fashion.

3. Show up early or on time: Always show up fifteen minutes early for a shoot, interview or appearance. No matter if its paid or just for promotional purposes, showing up early or on time will gain a good reputation in company circles that you are reliable. Every booking or appearance should be treated as equally important, as they can help build your name and career longevity. If you are going to be late, keep your agent and the director/producer in the know on your situation.

4. Have alternate income: Don’t count on scenes as your soul source of income. Shoots slow down over time. Instead of waiting for that next shoot to come along, find alternate ways to earn an income. Set up a webcam account with companies such as, Streamate.com, Naked.com, MyFreeCams.com, etc. Check with local gentleman’s club’s to feature dance or become a house dancer. Look into starting a clip store on clips4sale.com or clips.com using a HD webcam or point and shoot video camera (ie: a Flip HD).

There are several alternatives to choose from, you have to stay motivated and proactive in order to achieve goals. The adult business is a BUSINESS. Treat it as such.

5. Have an exit plan: Think ahead to the future. Plan how long you want to be in the adult business for and when you want to leave. Write down an amount of money do you want to retire with and post it on your fridge or some place you will see it daily to remind you of your goal.

6. Ask advice from veterans: If you are on a set or at a event where you meet a experienced performer, ask questions. Learn about the business from those who came before you. Most veteran performers have already been through the ups and downs in the adult business. Learn from their mistakes and their triumphs. Most of them are more then willing to share their knowledge.

7. Hygiene: I’m not talking about brushing your teeth, soap, water and shampoo. If you have never used a douche or done an enema before, you are not alone. Many new performers have never had experience using ether one of these hygiene tools in their personal lives. Both enema and douching are an important part of set hygiene. You can find instructions on the box of the douche/enema product you purchased.

Thank you for reading and good luck.
Powder White

Adult Convention Tips for Fans

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Adult Convention Tips for Fans
By Powder White

As Adult conventions take place through out the year all over the country, here are some tips to fans attending on how to conduct themselves when meeting their favorite porn star.


a. Shower: Take one. Soap, water and shampoo is your friend.

b. Wear Deodorant: The number one complaint I heard from women in porn, is the body odor that some fans have when they come to meet their favorite porn stars.

c. Shave your face: None of the girls enjoy having your sandpaper five o’clock shadow grinding against their face when you get a picture taken with them.

d. Cologne: The ladies enjoy a nice fragrance but, don’t dump a bucket of it over yourself. A little goes a long way.

e. Brush your teeth: No one wants to smell your bad breath. Especially if you are a “close” talker.


a. Patience: Wait your turn in line. No need to push, shove and to try to jam your camera in a porn star’s face, down their shirt or up their skirt. The ladies are there to meet and greet every one of the fans, not just you.

b. Don’t get grabby: When taking a picture with a porn star, keep your arms and hands around her waist. If she wants you to grab her breast or ass for a picture, let her put your hand there. Once the picture is taken, remove your hands.

c. No Loitering: The porn stars are there to meet their fans and may not have time to sit and chat with you. Walk up, say hello, get your picture, and move on.

d. Eye Contact: Women in porn do not have eyes on their chest or ass. Look them in the eyes when you talk to them. They will appreciate it.

e. No declarations of love: Don’t walk up to a porn star and ask them out on a date, tell them that you are madly in love with them or ask them to marry you. Security will be called.

f. Don’t pretend you don’t understand English: When a porn star tells you not to touch or doesn’t want you to stick your cell phone camera up the back of her dress, don’t suddenly look at her blankly like you don’t understand her. It just makes you look like an idiot.


a. If you sweat a lot, drink water to keep yourself hydrated or cooled off. Also, keep deodorant with you. You can pick up mini sized deodorant from a local Rite-Aid, or supermarket for $2. Keep it in your pocket or camera bag.

b. Check your breath through out the day. Bring gum or mints with you. Again, No one wants to smell you had for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The last thing you want to do is make your favorite porn personality, faint due to your onion and liver flavored breath.

This is a chance to meet your fantasy woman. Enjoy the opportunity. I hope these tips help and if anyone wishes to add to the list, feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the conventions.
Powder White

Adventures in “Texting with Porn Stars”

Texting With Porn Stars

After a strong response to these on Facebook, I decided to post various text exchanges with others in the adult industry that I have saved over the years. These following posts are intended for entertainment purposes only.

Last Update: 08/30/16


And now for another adventure in… “Texting with Pornstars”

Me: Would you like to call me so I can answer your questions and explain in better detail?

Her: I have a boyfriend.

Me: Ok.. good to know. What does that have to with me answering the questions you have?

Her: He gets mad if I call other guys.

Me: Ah. Well then I am sure he loves the fact you want to having sex on camera with other men for money.

Her: He doesn’t know. I have to make sure he doesn’t find out.

Me: Does he use something called “The Internet”?

Her: Yeah why?

Me: Good luck with that.


And now for another adventure in… “Texting with Pornstars”

Her: My pics keep getting rejected when I submit them for work.

Me: Send me a couple of what you are submitting. Maybe I can help you figure out why they are being rejected.

Her: Ok. Thnx.

(After receiving and looking over photos)

Me: Stop using photoshop on your pictures. They look like they came from the glamour shot store in a 1980’s mall.

Her: Why? I cant send untouched pics! Then they’ll know what I really look like.

Me: …


And now for another adventure in… “Texting with Pornstars”

Her: Lets go see the new Avengers movie!

Me: I can’t tonight. I have plans. Didn’t you mention last week how you are broke right now?

Her: Yeah I am. Thats why I wanted you to take me. Damn. Now I got to find someone else to take me.

Me: Well… good luck with that.


And now for another adventure in… “Texting with Pornstars”

Her: You should do a new talk show

Me: No.

Her: but I loved doing your shows back in the day.

Me: Everyone in the biz and their mother is doing a podcast nowadays. There is no need for another one.

Her: But then you could promote me more.

Me: …


And now for another adventure in… “Texting with Pornstars”

Her: Sorry I didnt get back to you. I was in jail.

Me: Should I even ask why?

Her: Its just better if you dont.


And now for another adventure in… “Texting with Pornstars”

Him: Hey man serious question. Why don’t people like me?

Me: Honestly? Because you get a woman’s number then you text them 30 times a day trying to get laid.

Him: No I don’t.

Me: Dude, I’ve seen the texts you send. I was sitting next to (name removed) while you texted her.

Him: It wasn’t me. My phone got stolen.

Me: I didn’t even tell you WHEN this happened yet

Him: I gotta go.


And now for another adventure in… “Texting with Pornstars”

Her: Hey can you help me with my twitter?

Me: Ok. Sure I can do that.

Her: Thank you! I miss you. We should get together soon.

(Fast forward 3 months later)

Her: I need help with my twitter.

Me: Alright.

Her: Thank you so much! I miss you a lot. We should get together soon.

(Fast forward 4 months later)

Her: Can you help me with my twitter?

Me: I guess so. Sure.

Her: Thanks! I really miss you. We should get together soon.

(Fast forward 2 months later)

Her: I need help with my Twitter

Me: …


And now for another adventure in… “Texting with Pornstars”

Him: Do you know any black guys who would want to f*** my wife?


And now for another adventure in… “Texting with Pornstars”

Her: Hey baby. I luv you so much.

Me: What do you need my help with now?

Her: How did you know I needed your help?

Me: Just a wild guess.


And now for another adventure in… “Texting with Pornstars” (aka Reason #237 as to why I am still single.)

Her: What really turns you on?

Me: A great meal.

Her: I meant what can I do to turn you on?

Me: Cook me a great meal.

Her: Thats not a sexy answer.

Me: Cook a great meal for me.. naked? Does that work?

Her: No.

Me: Why? Is your cooking that bad?


And now for another adventure in… “Texting with Pornstars”

Her: Hey I think I am going to announce my comeback and that I want to shoot again.

Me: Didn’t you shoot some scenes three or four months ago?

Her: Ya but not since then.

Me: I don’t think that would be considered a comeback. More like you took a small break and returned to shooting.

Her: No it would be a comeback.

Me: How so?

Her: Because I’d be coming back to shoot.

Me: …


And now for another adventure in… “Texting with Pornstars”

Her: Do you know anyone with tickets to the (name removed) concert?

Me: I might. Let me do some checking.

Her: Sorry its short notice but we really want to go.

(2 hours later)

Me: My buddy who works at the venue says there are still tickets available for purchase.

Her: I don’t have any money right now. Can I blow him for the tickets?

Me: No. That wont work.

Her: Ok I’ll f**k him for tickets.

Me: Sorry I wasn’t clear. He’s gay and in a relationship.

Her: F**K! Do you know anyone else I can f**k for tickets?

Me: Nope.

Her: K.


And now for another adventure in… “Texting with Pornstars”

Her: Hi.

Me: Hello.

(1 minutes later with no reply)

Her: Hey.

Me: Whats up?

(20 minutes later with no reply)

Me: I just passed a new sushi restaurant.

Her (Immediate reply): Where?!

Me: At least now I know how to get you to respond to my texts.

(40 minutes later with no reply)

Her: Hi.


And now for another adventure in… “Texting with Pornstars”

Her: What are you up to?

Me: Playing GTA 5.

Her: Come play with me instead!

Me: Let me guess. You are working at the tonight.

Her: Yeah! No ones here. I’m bored. I’ll give you the first lapdance free.

Me: lol You are like a dealer. “The first hit is free”.

Her: lol Thats wrong… and true. Haha!

Me: There is a strip club in GTA 5 and it doesn’t cost me $5 for watered down soda and $20 dollars per dance.

Her: How do you pay for a dance in the game?

Me: In tears. Lonely salty tears sprung from my black aging heart.

Her: lol I need to text you more often.


And now for another adventure in… “Texting with Pornstars”

Him: Hey bro. Who was the hot brunette chick hanging out with you at Sardos?

Me: That was (name removed) wife. She wanted to see what PSK was like but, didn’t want to go alone.

Him: So she’s not in the business?

Me: No.

Him: Does she want to be?

Me: No.

Him: I could help her.

Me: No.

Him: Give her my digits.

Me: No. She married and don’t you have a girlfriend?

Him: So?

Me: And you wonder why people don’t trust you.

Him: Whatever bro. Nevermind.


Porn Language to English Translations

Porn Language to English Translations

– “You never know.”
English equivalent: “Maybe.”
Translation: “Never going to happen.”

– “Don’t you know who I am?”
Translation: “Please say you’ve heard of me.”

– “We should hang out.”
Translation: “Buy me lunch, dinner or shiny pretty things.”

– “I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”
Translation: “1 to 2 hours after I smoke a bowl or finish watching this TV show.”

– “I only do Girl/Girl scenes now.”
Translation: “So I met this guy..” or “So I have a boyfriend now..”

– “I’m back doing Boy/Girl again.”
Translation: “I broke up with my boyfriend.” or “I’m getting a divorce.”

– “Why can’t they pay me same day?!”
Translation: “I didn’t save any money & have to pay rent.”
Alternate Translation: “But I wanted to buy some sweet kush today!”
Alternate Translation: “My unemployed boyfriend/husband/pimp wants money.”

– “I don’t really drink or party.”
Translation: (a hour later.. slurring) “Hi luf youuus. Leps phuuuuck!”

– “I’ve got a mainstream shoot!”
Translation: “I played a stripper, drug addict or prostitute with 4 seconds of screen time.”

– “I’m a classy porn star.”
Translation: “I sucked off the entire crew at my last four shoots.”

– “I give the best blowjobs”
Translation: “I use teeth all the time & pull on it like I was churning butter.”
Alternate Translation: “My 9th grade boyfriend lied so I’d keep having sex with him.”

– “Porn ruined my life!”
Translation: “No one wants to shoot me anymore. I need attention to satisfy my ego.”

c2004: Porn to English

Random Adult Event & Party Photos

Below is a gallery of random photos I’ve taken at various events over the years such as, on set BTS, Porn Star Karaoke, RudeTV, industry parties, conventions, etc. Enjoy.